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sábado, 1 de abril de 2023

#AI and children


#AI and children

#AI is an artificial intelligence that nowadays works inside the cell phone, inside the car, inside robots.

#AI is an artificial intelligence that alone, when outside of objects, is extremely dangerous, children and teenagers cannot use it.
Young children and teenagers cannot use apps that have artificial intelligence, and the app was created for technical use.
#AI is an artificial intelligence, it’s not for kids to use, it’s not for teenagers to use, it’s for technicians on objects they’re building.
Safety standards and legislation have to be created, because children and adolescents cannot use artificial intelligence.

Children and teenagers always invent a way of wanting to take and use what they shouldn’t. These Open AI, Chat-GPT and similar apps are very dangerous for kids and teenagers.
Imagine if little kids and teens decided to stop using their own brains and use these #AI apps to create their school work? This is tremendously dangerous for minors.

These #AI apps were created is for adult technicians to use.

Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence

Over the last few months I’ve read a lot of confusing texts with confusing information about artificial intelligence. And I noticed that several people wanted to know.

Artificial intelligence has been around for many years. Nowadays artificial intelligence is inside objects.

On my Motorola cell phone, it automatically detects that a phone call is spam, and automatically marks the phone call as spam. If I call the phone number that was marked as spam, I get a voice saying that the phone number does not exist. This is artificial intelligence.

In February/2016 I did a research on what the IoT (Internet of Things / Internet of Thoughts) is, today I update this information.

The IoT is an artificial intelligence that uses objects to connect within a computer network with user login and using the TCP-IP protocol version 4 and/or TCP-IP protocol version 6, via ethernet cable, via network wireless or via USB card with wireless.

The artificial intelligence that exists inside IoT objects can and does place a virus inside the computer network system. For this reason, Microsoft Windows Server network server administrators always keep an eye on what is in the hand of the user plugging into the computer network.

Examples of Iot objects with artificial intelligence: cell phones, video games, robots, arduino boards, smart-tv, usb cards with wireless, 3D printers, cars, virtual reality, VR glasses, metaverse, etc.

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Research by Ana Mercedes Gauna (CRA-RJ: 03–03161)
Senior Systems Analyst | Technical Administration | CTO
MCSE Microsoft Windows Server + TCP/IP | MCDBA | CCNA2 R&S
Professional experience greater than 27 years (CLT)
Date: 03/30/2023 | Brazil | Rio de Janeiro — RJ