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sexta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2024

Guerra de Israel contra Palestinos (2023)

Estudo de Lei na União Europeia

I have been following Emmanuel Macron and Ursula Von Der Leyen from the European Commission on various social networks for a few years now.
Many years ago I participated in the study of the creation of the European Union law that is in force today, together with lawyers from Brazil, lawyers from the United States of America and lawyers from European Union countries.
Many years ago this study of European Union law was on a website, everyone registered so that the login could be authorized. I'm not a lawyer, but at that time one of my bosses was Professor Doctor Cândido Mendes de Almeida, he has now passed away, he was a lawyer with a post-doctorate in Law. Many lawyers knew he was my boss, which is why my login was authorized. At that time I was very curious to see how that system could work. 
I am witness to the study of a law that is currently in force in the European Union.
From September/1992 to January/2015 I worked in the Condominium of the Centro Candido Mendes Building (Rua da Assembleia 10 Rio de Janeiro RJ Brazil), the building where the Candido Mendes University is established, and one of my bosses was Professor Doctor Candido Mendes de Almeida, he has already passed away, at that time many years ago, he was the building manager of the Edifício Centro Candido Mendes building, he was the Rector of the Candido Mendes University. I worked in that building for 22 years. Since 2015 I have worked alone.

Guerra de Israel (2023) Fotos e Vídeos

No profile Sou Palestina, no Twitter, contém dentro muitas fotografias e muitos vídeos, com pessoas: homens, mulheres, crianças pequenas, bebês recém-nascidos, mortos e feridos, dessa guerra de Israel x Hammas x Palestinos x Gaza x Cisjordania em 2023.